Frequently Asked Questions

This question is different for everyone and so are the benefits. Solar technology offers a myriad of advantages to homeowners, including self-sustainability, long term cost efficiency, and property value appreciation. You will control and own your power. Also, its positive impact on the environment is one of the main reasons why many people choose to go solar.

Yes, this is possible for many people. Read more.

This is different for everyone and there are many variables which will affect your actual amount saved. Based on statistics, an average American household can save up to $1,400 on electricity per year. We have a free custom Solar Report service where you can get your answers.

Solar incentives and rebates are based on your utility company and where you live and your tax situation. We can help you answer these questions. Click here to find out more.

Many homeowners do qualify for financing, even zero-down, 100% financing.

The type, age, and condition of your roof will be a factor. We will evaluate your roof to determine this. There may be other areas where solar panels can be installed on your property, too.
Net metering is when your electric company gives you credit for the power that you produce with your solar energy systems. The energy you produce will be used by you first, and all excess will be essentially stored in the grid for when you need it. If you generate more power than you use, some companies pay you back.

Solar panels are expected to last 30+ years! Generally, there is no maintenance required. General cleaning is needed periodically. Maintenance does not increase over time.

Solar panels harness energy through the use of photovoltaics. Energy from the sun is converted for household electricity use via a solar inverter. Go to our Solar 101 page to learn more about Solar Technology.

A general or average price, like many solar websites provide, is not really the true picture or price of going solar. Solar is not for everyone and we need to find out if solar is right for your home and for you. We offer a Free Custom Solar Report for your home where you can get most of your questions answered today. Or, call our team now for a free home evaluation and quote!