Go Off-Grid​

Do you dream of living free of your power company? Are you planning to make the move to go off the grid? Do you need help? You’ve come to the right place!

We at Affordable Solar are passionate about self-sufficiency and trying to live and work independently, without reliance on utility companies and Amazon and grocery stores. Going off the grid is not an easy path for most, but it is possible for many to do something, to do what they can and work towards self-sufficiency. It is powerful to feel like you are in control of your own life! It is powerful to feel like no matter what happens in politics, the stock market, or in our streets that you can survive and even thrive in the worst of times, when SHTF.

Off grid sign
Posted And No Trespassing Sign
We have all seen in recent times where we don’t know if we will be locked down, or our power, water, or food sources might be cut off or unavailable. Being self-reliant in these troubling times is a position of power and comfort. Just knowing you will have power in your home to turn on lights, run your water well pump, cook your food, heat your water, and the like can be a massive relief, a comfort that everyone wishes they had when SHTF. Going off the grid is not impossible, and we can help you do it. To go off the grid simply means that you are not dependent on a utility for power. You can still be connected to a utility company if you want, but if your home is set up with an off-grid or multi-mode solar energy power system, it will not matter if the grid works or not, or if you are cut off or not. You will control your own power, have power storage, and possibly a secondary backup energy supply, like a generator.
Off-grid solar is a system with a solar panel array large enough to power your home year-round. The system will also need an energy storage system, like a Tesla Powerwall or other battery bank. We also recommend adding a propane generator, which can sometimes reduce the size of battery bank you need and can be used to charge your batteries when there is not enough sun. Your off-grid solar system will need other special components necessary to make your home function. The additional components needed will depend on whether you are connected to a utility company, what size and type of battery bank you want, what you want to be able to power during outages, and whether you want a generator.We can design the system to power AC and DC loads. We will design and engineer a system that performs exactly how you want it so that you can finally go off the grid.
Bluebonnet Trail Barn
Battery storage systems that can power an entire modern home with air conditioning are now available. These batteries are expensive and only stated to last about 10 years, and yet they are so appealing. Battery technology is advancing every day, so we are going to see even more new whole-home batteries like the Powerwall come on the market very soon. Is it illegal to go off the grid? Not in TEXAS! However, in many states and in many areas, zoning laws and other regulations make it almost impossible to live off grid. Still, Texas is not the easiest state to go off the grid because land is more expensive than many other states. If you have the money or have the land, then Texas is a great place to set up your homestead.
We also mention water because living independently means you have a water source. Having water off the grid means that you have a water well or rainwater collection tanks. Having an independent water supply is critical for true independent off-grid living. You must have water, both water during a drought and water that cannot get shut off or cut off when SHTF. We partner with other contractors and can help you with a new or secondary water well or a rainwater collection system for your home or shop or barn.